Virgin Artisan Soaps

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At Virgin Artisan Soaps, we take pride in bringing you luxury spa like products made from luxury oils and ingredients. We have been making soaps for the past 10 years, starting for our family to have pure quality ingredients on our bodies. From there, we gave to our friends and family. Now we are selling for everyone to try out our soaps and body products that are in search of quality product that don't have the time to make it themselves. Let us help you with your busy lives and share our passion for a clean and healthy lifestyle! 

Our soaps are mostly bastille, we started making soaps in Greece so we truly love olive oil! We have the Pure Line that gives the most quantity of olive oil and a very slight aroma from essential oils. Pure Line is for those that do not want a lot of smell and want quality oils. Pure 2.0 is still quality ingredients, with added clays and more aroma from essential oils. Virgin Fun is for those that don't mind fragrance oils and want more aroma and a little bit of art made with micas.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Be wise...virginize!



Jennifer Bissias