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Whipped Soaps are an amazing variety of it's own!  We use the best ingredients in order to provide this fun soap!  Great for shaving by applying by hand.  For showers, you can make it go a long way by putting a small amount on your shower puff.

Virgin Artisan Soaps
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Liquid & Whipped Soap


Charcoal, Basil Ginger & Rosemary Whipped Soap

Amazing lather with an aroma from natural essential oils. ...


Rosehip Patchouli & Pink Grapefruit Whipped Soap

Whipped soap with natural ingredients to emerse yourself in ...


Lavender Bastille Liquid Soap

Calm your senses while showering with this moisturizing ...


Lemongrass Bastille Liquid Soap

Wake up with this invigorating soap while cleaning and ...