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8 Detox Tips

I used to frown on those going through detox. Yes, I thought it was a quacky thing to do. I wasn't in need of it then though, being a pilates instructor, riding my bike everyday, eating healthy, swimming in the sea... Yes, I was healthy and lucky, at the time, that I didn't "have" to detox. After moving back to the States with so much stress and change in environment, I went down, literally down, in my health. One night I couldn't get off the floor from severe vertigo. Just one of the many symptoms I had from what I would finally get a diagnosis months later of Lyme Disease. I am sure I will write all about Lyme in the future, but now I will be focusing on detox. 

We live in a different time, right? Our lifestyle is not of nature, how God designed us. We are in air conditioned, comfortable cages with everything at our fingertips. The only work we might do is housework or yard work, and still when we can afford to opt out of that we do so quickly and willingly! The only way of getting our body going is through exercise, and with culture today it's a real struggle to most.

Our food and water isn't the same as well. If you have city water, then there are all the additives such as mercury and fluoride. Soil isn't rich in minerals and nutrients as it was before. Our water and plant based food sources lack these vital minerals and nutrients. Of course, we have GMO starting to consume the market. We have a total different life now than our ancestors and since we have toxins coming at us from every direction, we should do a detox once in a while.

Now, when I say detox, I am not one to go into an extreme path. My view is that too much of something "good" can be just as bad or worst than something "bad". I have seen people doing the Gerson Therapy for cancer or other diseases and getting healthy. I will never knock that down. I believe wholeheartedly in natural treatments as long as there is a doctor to guide and instruct. Here, I am only sharing my personal detox methods that helped me and I can see could be for everyone.

8 Tips to Detoxing

1.Keep hydrated

This is the utmost top tip to detoxing! Whenever you are detoxing, you MUST DRINK ENOUGH WATER to flush out the toxins and keep hydrated! Use good water prepackaged bottle water. Drink pure water either fresh from a water well, (if you're lucky), filtered, or distilled. If you are going for distilled water, please look into your mineral intake, it would be best to see a doctor or nutritionist to keep your mineral intake up.

2.Wake up your system

The lymphatic system is crucial to detoxification! The lymphatic system supports the immune system by cleansing the body of toxins and circulating fluids, proteins, and cells throughout. So how do you wake up your system? If you're doing the first step (keep hydrated) above, then that's a good start! WATER keeps your system the fluids it needs to flush your system of toxins. Another is through DIET, just looking at getting your vitamins, minerals, fats, and antioxidants through natural food. Check out the ingredients in your body products, your skin absorbs it all! Another is DRY BRUSHING or other forms of lymphatic message! Those that can't walk around and exercise can do these to help wake up and stimulate the lymphatic system. When taking a shower, you can take some time in switching the water between hot and cold. Anyone hear of the Fascia Blaster by Ashley Black? Check out her videos on YouTube and there are closed groups on Facebook where you can learn more and see testimonials and ask questions. Of course exercise helps the lymphatic system move and deliver! Wether it's only a stroll and stretching or aerobic, get out there and move!

3.You are what you eat

Seriously, our bodies are only performing what we deliver to them. There are so many beliefs on what is the correct diet. Well, everyone's body is different, so there will be different "diets". I put quotes on diet, because I don't believe in dieting. I think there are LIFE CHOICES and we need to educate ourselves on what we put in our bodies. Anyways, here we are talking about detoxing, so JUICING is a great source of fluids, vitamins and nutrients! I have different favorites that I can share another time, but really LISTEN to YOUR BODY to see what juices are best for you! 

4.Soak it out

Enjoy relaxing in an Epsom Salt bath! WHY Epsom salt? There are two ingredients, magnesium and sulfate (sulfur). Magnesium helps in supporting the body's detoxification route. Magnesium in our food source today, isn't as it was before. Most Americans are deficient in magnesium. Sulfate helps with the gut! It helps the natural release of protease, lipase, and amylase. These are pancreatic enzymes that help digest food. Having it soak in through your skin helps the magnesium and sulfate be absorbed! 

To bring this up a notch you can dry brush before. Dry brushing is taking a body brush and working in circular motion, brushing your body. You work from your feet up and your hand inward. This is a way to message the lymphatic system. For your Epsom bath, place 1 cup of Epson salt in your warm bath. You don't need to be in there long, up to 10 minutes would be fine! There are other ingredients people add as well, such as vitamin C, baking soda, essential oils and clay. We make BATH BOMBS that have the magnesium, baking soda, citric acid and clay that you could try out. Check out our essential oil bath bombs!

5.Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is AMAZING to draw out toxins! It binds up the toxins and carries them out as to not put your body in more jeopardy! I took this one many times and bathed with our CHARCOAL SOAPS! Charcoal does draw out more than toxins though. so, whenever you are taking this by mouth, talk to your doctor if you are taking any medications. Even with vitamins and supplements, you want to have a 2-4 HOUR break between the two. Don't forget your water!

6.Binaural Beats

Binaural beats work with SOUND FREQUENCIES. The most optimal way of listening to them is with headphones, due to how the frequencies work. Each speaker has different frequencies resulting in it's theraputic benefits. Everything and everyone has frequencies, then there are other frequencies pushed at us through technology. One way to use technology instead of it using us, is to use binaural beats. You can even find many binaural beats on YouTube, but beware, for those that do not want subliminal messages, that some do contain subliminal messages and are shown under the description box. They are powerful, I started without headphones. Make sure you drink plenty of water!

 7.Diatamaceous Earth

Diatamaceous earth is another one that you take orally with water or in juice. Make sure not to breath it in while fixing your drink! It is a powder that has sharp, jagged edges. Breathing it in, can tear your lungs, but ingesting it orally is just fine! People use this also as a natural way of killing insects in the garden, fleas, and ticks.


Yes, enemas are another great detox method, but read up more and talk to your doctor before getting into this. Some go full force and don't do all the other necessary steps surrounding it such as keeping hydrated and nutrition. This one took me months to finally try. My doctor suggested that I do coffee enemas, I laughed at her. I'm sure others did too. It's such a stigma about putting something up your bum and "Oh the pain!". I watied about 6 more months to finally try it out, only because my doctor kept asking me if I had done them yet. I had to research it first....for months! I finally saw a video on YouTube of a woman doing the whole procedure and then some! She made me laugh, and I guess that's what actually helped me to actually try. I started with saltwater enemas first, then told my doctor. She said good, now do the coffee! I started slowly, not strong and not much water and worked my way up. Seriously, I felt amazing afterwards! Fatigue was leaving, there was a calmness, and the brainfog was lifting! Coffee enemas greatest benefit is that it improves glutathione levels. Again, there are closed Facebook groups where you can ask others questions and see what others say before your take the plunge!

I hope I've helped you through your research of detox. These are a few of my favorites that have helped me. Yes, they take time, but only the ones that have the time due to bad health really needs to detox like crazy. Everyone else that's still in good health, I hope you do take the time to eat right, exercise, stay hydrated, and detox from time to time.

Until next time!

Be wise...Virginize!