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About Virgin Artisan Soaps

We at Virgin Artisan Soaps strive to perfection in creating high quality, all-natural products to share with our customers.

Leave it up to us to create astounding products with all-natural ingredients crafted by hand from start to finish. We started out making soaps in 2007 while living in Greece, hence where our love for extra virgin olive oil came from. We have over a decade of experience of combining the knowledge of natural ingredients and the aesthetics to please the eyes. We stay away from many harmful chemicals and GMO products to give a true virgin product for you and your family to enjoy. Our bee ingredients for our body products come straight from our hives here in Washington Texas. We give full admiration and love for our little bees and they create amazing gifts for us to use! Even our lotions and balms contain NO PETROCHEMICALS OR SOY, we use beeswax. There will NEVER be any STEARIC ACID, DIMETHICONE, or other harmful ingredients that strip Tcells. Our soaps all contain high extra virgin olive oil content and are called bastille soaps, not all of the Virgin Fun line are bastille soaps. We NEVER use CANOLA OIL or VEGETABLE OIL in our soaps or other products. Our bath bombs contain NO CORN starch and will give your skin a soft and subtle feel while enjoying your bathing experience. Our wax melts contain NO SOY, we use beeswax with palm wax for our own unique blend. All of our scents come from pure essential oils or PHTHALATE FREE fragrances. This is what we at Virgin Artisan Soaps stand by, offering a true and natural product. If you live in Texas or are visiting, you can come by and see us at one of our events that we vendor, just follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to see where and when our next event will be.